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Why we are the Right choice

Expert Strategy

The solutions we propose and the services we provide are based on our seasoned expertise and the market requirements.

Customized Services

To ensure that we create value for our clients, out solutions are uniquely customised to respond to individual clients at any given time.

After Service Support

We guarantee learning and practice for our clients. We provide after-service support to ensure that services provided are inculcated.

Who we are

Biesshop Consulting is a capacity development firm founded in 2015 with the mission to strengthen capacities of civil society organizations (CSOs), County Governments, Donor Community and the Private Sector in development work across Africa. The firm recognizes the need for capacities development to improve service delivery and therefore committed to individuals, communities, governments (national and county) and non-state actors through advisory and technical support to meet their development objectives. We strongly believe in fostering relationships and building organizational capacities for addressing sustainable development objectives in order to improve governance, leadership, accountability as well as enhance sustainable livelihood for excluded communities. In order to achieve this, we forge partnerships and collaborations with institutions including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at the local, national and international level for positive influence and transformation of vulnerable communities through empowerment and technical support in areas such as Governance, leadership, advocacy and lobbying, project management, financial management, accountability and partnerships management. 

Specifically, we help organization identify their strengths and areas of weakness, thus strengthening their capacities in weak areas throughout the project life cycle to ensure organizational and directional development towards sustainable impact. Our vision is to be a world class and client-centered capacity development-consulting firm within the region that delivers a broad spectrum of quality services to CSOs, threaded together by commitment, integrity and value for money. Our mission is to delivers quality services to our clients, driven by our expertise to coach and mentor project managers more closely and with the highest level of technical know-how and contextual awareness of our client’s needs. Our approach strives to internalize our client organizations’ capacity development needs to deliver projects that are impactful to communities, especially to female youth, women and most excluded groups. We offer special attention to our clients with each task designed and tailor-made to specifications aiming to address their local needs and practices. Our approaches are scalable, adaptable and iterative at all levels.

Our Latest Projects

Team Building, Staff Support & Training
Field Studies & Researches
Policy Reviews & Analysis
Project Monitoring & Evaluation
Mentorship & Capacity Development
Organizational Strategy Development
What Our Clients are saying

Biesshop Consulting is a detailed and professional firm. They He is also an innovative and cost friendly in the solutions that they provide. They have a very creative approach to issues which makes the firm a resource to organization seeking development programming solutions.

As a Consulting firm, they adherer to deadlines but also do not compromise on quality. Their ability to turn your conceptual idea into reality is what gives them an edge.